Fast Charge Electric Drag-Bike Racing. Meet the Technical Partners behind the teams World Record Challenger.

Technical Partners…

More InformationWeald Technology

Weald Technology Ltd has won multiple awards for their low-carbon innovation. In 2010/11 they designed and constructed the UK’s quickest electric motorcycle and are the driving force behind the EV1000 project. They use their motorsport programmes as a benchmark for high-quality and ultra-efficient engineering, delivering innovative solutions based on sound engineering principles, and helping clients to build collaborative high-performance teams. With years of experience in world-class manufacturing they can help you solve issues relating to poor quality, high inventories, missed deliveries, and unreliable processes.

More InformationLyra Electronics

Lyra Electronics Ltd bring wide experience of the automotive electronics, creating power supplies, designing ultracapacitor banks, and working on a number of unique motorsport electronics projects. Their skilled engineers come with a track record of working for the most respected names in UK automotive and motorsport companies. The company has been involved with a number of high profile EV projects, and were appointed technical scrutineers and safety officers in the early days of TT-Zero electric motorcycle road-racing.

More InformationMore InformationAPC Ioxus

Advanced Power Components is a technical distributor of specialist high reliability electronic components and is part of APC Technology Group PLC, a provider of products and technologies to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. APC is the UK representative for IOXUS, a leading manufacturer of Ultracapacitors which, in addition to their deployment in many clean tech applications, are increasingly used for storage and delivery of electrical energy in electric and hybrid vehicle drives. Since 1982 APC has developed longstanding relationships with many manufacturers of specialist electronic components and with customers who put significant value on our technical expertise, our attention to detail and our deep understanding of their individual markets; which include defence, aerospace, space, transportation, medical and industrial sectors.

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